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Guest Lecture

July 2023 Lecture at Kyoto University as part of the "Reading Architecture Writing" lecture series organised by Professor Thomas Daniell.

Book Chapter

June 2023 Publication of the chapter "Análisis urbano en Japón. Nihon no Toshi Kukan y la arquitectura de Arata Isozaki" in the book "Pensar la ciudad: imágenes, palabras, edificios". Published by Editorial Universidad de Granada.

New Article

June 2023 Publication of an article about the meanings of the term "environment" in Postwar experimental art and architecture at the Swiss magazine "Lila Strauss".

Book Chapter

May 2023 Publication of the chapter "The Palace and the Plaza: A Postwar Convergence" in the the book "Theatres of Architectural Imagination", edited by Lisa Landrum and Sam Ridgway. Published by Roudledge.

AH Announcements copia

January 2023 Joining the editorial team of Architectural Histories, the open access journal of the European Architectural History Network.

Book Publication _ Amphibious Habitats

September 2022 Publication of "Amphbious Habitats: Architectural Environments Between Land and Sea". The book offers a reflection, both theorectical and practical, on how architecture can inhabit, restore, and preserve the blurry ecological threshold that separates land and sea. This volume originates from an international design competition launched in 2017 at The Bartlett in London, and a symposium and exchibition which took place at La Térmica that same year in Málaga.

Conference _  El espacio doméstico japonés: una evolución

September 2022 Conference and round table about japanese domesticity at the Pompidou Centre in Malaga as part of the closing events of the exhibition "Arquitectura Japonesa desde 1950. Espacios Plurales"

June 2022 Participation in the exhibition '' in Sala Amadís, Madrid, showcasing the work of 300 Spanish architects under 35 years old.

Paper Presentation_EAHN 2022

June 2022 Presentation of the paper 'A Mixed-Media Approach to Urban Density in the Japanese Post-War City' in the Urban Representation Interest Group as part of the 2022 Biannual Conference of the Europen Architectural History Network

Conference_La Casa Japonesa. Variaciones sobre un tipo

May 2022 Invited conference guest at the Granada School of Architecture

Conference_Neapolis University

April 2022 Invited conference guest at Neapolis University Department of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences

Curation_Beyond Scale Lecture Series

October 2021 - March 2022 Curation of the IE School of Architecture & Design Lecture Series

Conference_Histories of Urban Design

November 2021 Presentation of a paper entitled 'Mediating Urban Tensions in Post-War Japan. The 'Red Book' and the Expo Osaka '70'

Article_6 Actions for a Free School

October 2021 Co-authored manifesto with Gregorio Astengo about the designing of spaces for architectural education

Article_Building Calculated Uncertainty

September 2021 Peer-reviewed article published in Architecture Research Quarterly about Cedric Price's notion of Calculated Uncertainty unfolded through a meticulous analysis of his Interaction Centre

Article_A Fragile Balance

September 2021 Publication of 'A Fragile Balance', article about Cedric Price's London Zoo Aviary on Michaela Nettel's book 'Less a Building'. Book purchase availalable on link below

Paper Presentation_Theatres of the Architectural Imagination

May 2021 Presentation of the paper 'The Palace and the Plaza: A Post-War Convergence in Seeking Performative Spaces' at the V Frascari Symposium: Theatres of the Architectural Imagination. Peer-reviewed conference hosted at the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Lecture_Proyectar la vivienda flexible y polivalente

May 2021 Lecture given at the Master's programme of the University of Granada

Article_Roadsides Journal 005

May 2021 Publication of 'Making Up the Plaza: An Archive of Urban Forms in the Osaka Expo 70’sFestival Plaza'. Available to download on link below

Mixtape Talks_Panel Series

February-March-April 2021 Curation of a series of talks with international guests at IE University

Podcast_Pinch of Doubt

December 2020 Discussion with Cem Kayatekin about Cedric Price; Potteries Thinkbelt; flexibility and authorship; aesthetics and the notion of the neutral field; the nature of research, and beyod

Comment on Paper Pavilion for Japan Forward

October 2020 On the ocassion of the World Architecture Day, the IE Paper Pavilion was featured in Japan Forward, with comments on its construction and the influence of Japanese architecture in Europe.

A Tale of New Cities

October 2020 Panel discussion on organic cities organised by the Spanish Business Council in UAE in collaboration with IE University and Consentino Middle East. Moderated by Elvira Muñoz Beraza, with Juan Cruz from AECOM and Charrisse Johnston from StudioSALT

Lecture_The Japanese House

May 2020 Lecture on Japanese ways of domestic living for students of the MArch at the University of Granada. Available in Spanish. Link below:

Frameworks of Uncertainty at HILDEBRAND

March 2020 Lecture at HILDEBRAND in Zürich on Frameworks of Uncertainty. Lunch Hour Lecture Series

New Post _ IE University

January 2020 Design Studio Professor & Associate Director of the Bachelor in Architecture Studies at IE University in Madrid-Segovia

Brut, Brit, Brexit

October 2019 Discussant at the Symposium organized at Syracuse University

AIA Lecture

July 2019 Lecture at the American Institute of Architects in Japan entitled 'Frameworks of Uncertainty. Architectural Strategies of Control and Change in the Work of Cedric Price and Arata Isozaki'. Organized as part of the Annual Lecture Series

UTokyo Lecture

July 2019 Lecture at the University of Tokyo entitled 'Frameworks of Uncertainty: Six Arguments'. Organized by Kuma Lab as part of the Adanced Lecture Series

Lucerne Talks

May 2019 Panel Moderation in the third 'Lucerne Talks: Symposium on Pedagogy in Architecture Education' celebrated in May 17th at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences with keynotes by Ann Lacaton, Marc Angélil and Jonathan Sergison among others.

The Culture of Water - Exhibition

April - May 2019 Conception and Curation of the Exhibition 'The Culture of Water #1' at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art. The exhibition takes places simultaneously with a two-week workshop with guest students from the Kyoto Institute of Technology, including site visits, seminars and a public program with invited speakers.

CA2RE Lisbon

April 2019 Invited Panel Critic to the Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research in Lisbon, 10-13 April, 2019 Attendance to the Architectural Research European Network Association (ARENA) board meeting.

The Culture of Water Final Review

January 2019 Final review of the Autumn Semester at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Design investigations around 'The Culture of Water'. Morning Skype session with students from the Kyoto Institute of Technology and afternoon session of reviews with invited guests Heinz Horat and Adam Jasper

PhD Award - The Bartlett UCL

November 2018 PhD in Architectural History & Theory awarded at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, with examiners Adrian Forty and Ken Tadashi Oshima.

The Culture of Water Kyoto Workshop

November 2018 Coordination of workshop in Kyoto with students from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and the Kyoto Institute of Technology. November 18th – Dec 1st. Cross-cultural exchange of architectural reflections through design work, site visits and seminars.

The Culture of Water Mid-term Review

October 2018 Student presentations of the design unit 'Focus Material' at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art on the topic 'The Culture of Water'. Architectural responses around Lake Lucerne

New Academic Post _ hslu

September 2018 New academic post at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art to coordinate the five-year joint research project 'The Culture of Water' with the Kyoto Institute of Technology

EAHN Paper Presentation

June 2018 Paper presentation in the European Architectural History Network of the paper ‘Happening in Japan. Arata Isozaki’s Surreal Intakes and the Gunma Museum of Modern Art’. Panel Session ‘Architecture’s Return to Surrealism’ chaired by Wouter van Acker and Stefaan Vervoort.

ETH Doctoral Cris

May 2018 Paper presentation ‘The Cybernetic Fail. Dysfunctional Interactive Spaces in Post-War Japan’ at the gta doctoral Crits, ETH Zurich.

Canon Foundation Award Ceremony

November 2017 Award ceremony of the Canon Foundation Research Fellowship, granted to fifteen European and Japanese researchers to undertake research stays. Granted for a six-month stay as a research fellow at the Tokyo Institute of Technology from April to September, 2017.

LOBBY 6 '1961' Launch

September 2017 Launch of LOBBY no. 6, ‘1961’. Co-editor and contributor with the interview to Itsuko Hasegawa, ‘A Gentle Revolution’. Editor-in-Chief Regner Ramos, co-edited with Gregorio Astengo.

Symposium in Tokyo

June 2017 Symposium ‘Frameworks of Uncertainty’ celebrated in Tokyo at the A+U Aoyama House on June 30 to discuss questions around my PhD research. Invited guests: Naohiko Hino and Sohei Imamura. Organized by A+U editorial staff and Shiozaki Lab from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

JOSS _ Paper Publication

October 2017 Publication of paper ‘Spatial and Social Patterns of an Urban Interior’ in the Journal of Space Syntax. The paper was largely based on the thesis developed for the MSc Spatial Design: Architecture & Cities awarded at the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2014 (Distinction – UCL Turner Prize for best dissertation).

Conversation with Arata Isozaki

July 2017 Meeting with Arata Isozaki at Karuizawa to discuss my PhD research during a six-month stay as a Canon Foundation Fellow at the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Conversation with Itsuko Hasegawa

June 2017 Meeting with Itsuko Hasegawa in Tokyo for the interview 'A Gentle Revolution', published in LOBBY magazine No 6. '1961'. Translations by Toshiki Hirano. Fotos by Ko Tsuchiya

Amphibious Habitats Exhibition

March 2017 Conference and Exhibition of the finalists for the International Competition 'Amphibious Habitats', co-organised with Gregorio Astengo at Centro Cultural La Térmica in Malaga, Spain. With invited speakers William Firebrace, Izaskun Chinchilla, Juan Domingo Santos and Fernando Pérez del Pulgar.

Space Syntax _ Paper Presentation

March 2017 Presentation 'Analyzing Spatial Uncertainty in a Japanese Case Study: The Rolex Learning Centre' as part of the Space Syntax Lecture Series at the Bartlett School of Architecture

Bartlett PhD Conference

February 2017 Paper presentation at the Bartlett PhD Conference with guest critic Silvia Levin. Presenting the paper 'Regenerating North London: Cedric Price's Interaction Centre'.

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