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My Kind of Place - Europan 11

Team _ José Aragüez & Marcela Aragüez

Date _ 2011

Location _ Selb, Germany

Typology _ Masterplan, Housing

Surface _ 9000m2

Design of a masterplan in which the residential program moves away from the idea of ‘typology’. Instead, eighteen units conceived as programmatic packages act as ‘urban bricks’ attending to six pairs of features: fluidity/compartmentalization, compactness/dispersion, independent/linked storage, home/homeoffice, energetic isotropry/anisotropy, and definition/indetermination. 

Such a structural definition of a dwelling would allow for maximum customization and adaptability when facing extremely diverse modes of living and changes in use. Indeed, public programs themselves are derived as the result of the addition and mutation of the same units, now grouped together by a common envelope.

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