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Competition for a new UNED building and library


Team _ Marcela Aragüez & Manuel Medina

Date _ 2019

Location _ Barbastro, Spain

Typology _ Mixed Use, Education

Surface _ 1200m2

The building is organized around a linear staircase framed by concrete walls that articulates, connects and divides a set of open spaces in both the ground and the upper floor. This way, neither partitions nor corridors are needed, rooms being qualified with great flexibility to accommodate the non-definition of the competition program by means of a simple structure. The lower volume of the building is to be dedicated to working areas, library and exhibition spaces, and it adopts the smaller scale of the surrounding facades. The upper volume constitutes the new image of UNED Barbastro: a double-high TV and media studio enclosed by a translucent membrane in which also events related to the university and the city may take place. 

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