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Architecture & Pedagogy - International Symposium

This full-day symposium celebrated at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in May 2019 was divided into two parts.

The morning session, Purely Physical, included a series of keynote speakers such as Anne Lacaton and Mike Guyer to discuss how schools of architecture are built today. The afternoon sessions, ‘Keep on Moving’ was organized around a series of parallel panels in which participants would discuss about images representing ‘ideal’ spaces for teaching architecture in the future. In the panel I moderated, we came up with the following manifesto: 


  1. Curriculum Reassessment

  2. Reconsidering construction at all costs

  3. No Deadlock 

  4. Reflect on superimposed environments

  5. Playground VS Battlefield at school

  6. Shifting points of observation/interpretation


The day finished with a long, long dinner for all participants. 

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